Early 1900's Radiator Restoration

"The Peerless two column was manufactured by the American Radiator Company, Illinois, USA, between 1900 and 1928. Since 1902,
the model was manufactured by its British affiliate, the National Radiator Co Ltd. Simple and elegant, this model was the forerunner of the
radiator which was later known as the “hospital radiator”due to its use in hospitals, schools and institutional buildings."

The previous information was taken from the Classic Comfort site in the UK.
Classic Comfort Web Site

The radiator is a 22 section weighing approximately 530 pounds. It was obtained in late June 2016
from a free ad on Craig's List. The transportation was done by the generous help from a good friend.

Another good friend and neighbor moved it with a bucket loader to the back of the house. It was
pressure tested and then systematically stripped of paint, sandblasted and primed with an etching primer.
There was grey paint, white paint, light blue paint, tan paint more white paint and the original lacquer from the factory.
Fortunately the "rear side" of the radiator had not been painted.

There was some debate on color, which ended up being a metallic dark bronze.

September 2016, the beast gets moved inside. The room was re-paneled Summer of 2017.

The Return Line is not quite complete.