Stupid Terminology

Ever listen to someone talking and wonder what they are saying? Do they even know? Ever read anything that just makes no sense?

It is Stupid Terminology and / or Stupid Concepts, or simply the combination of the two. Someone will probably come up with
some stupid term for that also. Like Stupology. Maybe I can press 2 to hear it in Espanol.....

People add meaningless BS to every day language. The following is a list of actual "things" either heard or read.
They are in no particular order and I'm not making this "stuff" up. Some of it is oxymoronic. Some is just plain moronic.
Some of it you just want to say "WTF?" Some of it you have to think / say ".... as opposed to?"

(You may need to refresh your browser to see newer material, especially if you are using "Internet Exploder...")

"However if you are an upscale blue sky thinker that can taxonomize the human internet of things with a reference caliber product
in the new normal advertising ecosystem and avoid any payroll orphan by substituting an infographic
or social robot, you may be able to conversate legitimate concerns of financial toxicity trending to the pain point
of the terminally unique product that is brimming with resolution. "

Revised: 7-17-2017

Stupid Terminology:

leveraged self-service business intelligence to non-technical users

people-centric, results-driven, forward-looking institution

Fiscal Cliff

cool LED strip lights

Pre Heated Oven

Financially Vulnerable

app fatigue

more natural, thus superior dimensionality

All-hands meeting

human Internet of Things

validate mass market nature

Brimming with resolution

reference-caliber product

The new normal

elongated version of proprietary oval geometry

spatial localization

advertising ecosystem



Payroll orphan


Anti- (Anti-Missile Missile) Missile

Zigzagging of Collaboration & Text Analytics

maximum performance at scale

Pain point

Gracious Space

Market head winds

manufactured from the ground up

Dry Drunk

random pattern

Deferred success

360-degree thinking


Idea shower

Real-Time Insight

As In

vibrantly creative, inspirational, entrepreneurial, gigantic personalities.

cyber consciousness


social robot

Visualizing Gamification with Intelligent Digital Signage

external evidence of an internal truth

almost inexhaustible

Upscaled Blue-Sky thinker




Trust, but verify

"Saving The World"

Rugged, Outdoorsy Power

Legitimate concerns

Competition Briquets

Nature Made

100% ALL Natural

writing pen

financial toxicity


change it up

character defect

prayer lab


work toward synergies and strategic alignment

revolutionary process


Killer App

cautiously optimistic


compassionate conservatism

residentially flexible

There Is No Such Thing As A Dumb Question

Legitimate Rape

high-definition voice calls

dynamically innovative

financial blessing

Food Insecure

Politically Correct

crisis expert

The Future Lies Ahead Of Us

Harmonized Tax

Original Miles

Terminally Unique



Emergency E Mail

Precision Agriculture




Big Boy Pants



Thought leadership

Start a Dialogue

Bleeding edge

Client-facing systems


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Precision Tree Felling

Republican Knowledge

Behind The Curtain Of Political Theater

Virtual Reality

Reality Television

Supercritically Extracted

Glass Edition (window)

Limited Edition Raspberries

"Alternative Facts"

"non-privilege privilege"

"Fake News"

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